by Terry Brim
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Jesus three times prior to His death. (Matthew 26:34, 69-75) When
Jesus met with Peter after His resurrection, He asked Peter three times,
"Peter, do you love Me?" (John 21:15-17) What Jesus was doing here
was not only launching Peter's ministry, but He was stopping the effects
of the words Peter had spoken when he denied Him; that was not the
main issue with Jesus. He was breaking the power over the words that
were spoken! (Matthew 10:32-33)
  God also reminded me of Jesus' trial; "Did you notice that Jesus
never said a word in His defense?" Yes, I noticed that. "Want to know
why?" Yes, I do! "If He had said one word in His defense, it would have
started a spiritual law into action and stopped the plan of salvation!"
  He brought me into remembrance of the verse that states that a
double minded man will receive nothing. (James 1:6-8) It is because he
will say one thing, which puts a law  into action and then turn around
and say the complete opposite, which cause the laws he spoke to cancel
each other out! He showed me that in church people will say the
right things. In prayer they will say the right things. But out in the
battles of life, they will say the wrong things - sometimes just outside
the church door.

  I asked God if these laws are a constant and if they will work for
even the non-believer as well as for the weakest Christian, why do we
need to read the Bible, go to church, or listen to tapes? He answered me
by showing me one of His natural laws. He asked me, "What happens
when an acid and a base react?" I answered and said, "you get a salt and
a water." (I had taken some chemistry in school.) He said, "It works
every time because it is my law." Then He showed me that if the acid
and the base are strong, they will produce these products, (salt and
water), quickly and vigorously. "Let my law represent the acid , a strong
acid, and let your faith represent the base. If you have a weak base (or
faith), the law will still work, but it will be slow. you need to increase
the strength of your base if you want a strong reaction. The same goes
for your faith, and you increase your faith by hearing the Word of God."
  When you are first born again, you do not receive the full measure of
faith because you would be like a child with a loaded gun.
  God is fair and just. He cannot stop the effects of the laws just
because of our situation. God told me that He created the universe with
the same laws, and He created man in His likeness and expected man to
use these laws just like Him. "By this law I created the universe, I did

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